Professional Learning General Information

GT and ESL Training Requirements
Staff Development Opportunities
Staff Development Certificates
Staff Development for Certificate Renewal
Staff Development for Non-Instructional Personnel


Policy DMA
Staff development activities are organized to meet the needs of employees and the district. Staff development for instructional personnel is predominantly campus-based, related to achieving campus performance objectives. Staff development must be addressed in the campus and district improvement plans. District-wide staff development requires approval of the District Educational Improvement Council.

Individuals holding renewable SBEC certificates are responsible for obtaining the required training hours and maintaining appropriate documentation.

GT, AP, and ESL Training Requirements
To meet the goal of success for all students, LHISD teachers are encouraged to attend a 30-hour GT Institute and to obtain ESL certification.  Teachers who teach an advanced course are required to attend Advanced Placement  training.   

Opportunities for both GT and ESL training will be provided locally. LHISD will reimburse the $120 test registration fee when a staff member has added the ESL certification to his/her certificate. A copy of the certificate must be sent to the Professional Learning department at Central Office before payment will be made.

After attending the initial 30-hour GT Institute, teachers are required to attend a six-hour yearly update to maintain GT credentials.

Staff Development Opportunities
Employees are encouraged to utilize Texas Gateway and to attend staff development activities within the Region 13 service area or within a day’s drive.

Staff Development Certificates
All staff members need to keep original staff development certificates.  Staff members need to access their transcript of training in Eduphoria Workshop to review it.  All in-district staff development should appear on the transcript. If you submitted a PL request in Eduphoria FormSpace for out-of-district workshops and have submitted your certificate to the Central Office, those trainings should appear on your transcript. Submit certificates for all out-of district training to the Professional Learning department at Central Office.

Staff Development for Certificate Renewal
Each individual who holds a Standard Certificate is responsible for renewing the certificate.  To be eligible for renewal, the classroom teacher must satisfy Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements.  The renewal date of a Standard Certificate will be five years after the last day of the certificate holder’s birth month.  If a classroom teacher holds multiple certificates, all can be renewed concurrently and all are subject to renewal during the certificate holder’s birth month five years after the earliest certificate was issued.

Classroom teachers are required to complete at least 150 clock hours of CPE, and principals must complete 200 clock hours during each five-year renewal period.  Teachers are encouraged to complete a minimum of 50 clock hours of CPE each year of the renewal period.  One semester hour of credit earned at an accredited institution of higher education is equivalent to 15 CPE clock hours.  Only those professional education activities from approved registered providers will be accepted for renewal purposes. For a list of approved providers, please see: Texas Education Agency.  LHISD is a registered provider.

Certificates can be renewed up to 6 months prior to the expiration date.

It is very important for SBEC to have current contact information for all certified staff.  Information can be updated on the TEA website under the Teachers tab.

Staff development for Non-Instructional Personnel
Staff development for non-instructional personnel is designed to meet specific licensing requirements (e.g., bus drivers, cafeteria staff) and/or continued employee skill development.