Program Information

Program Information

·   LHISD serves students who are identified as gifted and talented based upon intellect or subject area performance (Reading/ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) through gathered data.

·   Students may be referred for the STRIVE program any time an educator, parent, student, peer or community member submits the appropriate form to the campus counselor.

·   Screening and assessment are conducted once per year in grades K-6 and once per semester in grades 7-12.

·   Students who transfer into the district and were identified as GT at their previous school are referred upon enrollment, evaluated within six weeks, and may be placed in the STRIVE program upon recommendation from the campus RtI committee.

·   Each school year in the Fall and Spring, parents and community members are invited to attend an informational meeting to learn more about services for gifted and talented students.

·   A committee of educators determines eligibility of students for the STRIVE program based upon data gathered for the STRIVE Matrix, including quantitative, qualitative, and other data. A district committee reviews screening information and makes a recommendation to end the process, continue the identification process with additional testing and observation, or place the student in STRIVE. This recommendation is then returned to the campus RtI committee for final determination. Appeals may be submitted through proper channels as stated in Board Policy.

·   LHISD uses a variety of evaluation methods and trains teachers to recognize and evaluate giftedness in diverse populations to ensure equitable identification among all students.

·   A furlough or exit from the STRIVE program is granted only upon recommendation from the STRIVE Campus Committee. The principal, counselor, teacher, parent, or student may request the furlough or exit proceedings.

·   LHISD uses a GT curriculum that aligns TEKS-based lessons which explore content in depth and with complexity.

·   STRIVE participants use high level thinking processes for research and self-directed learning. Students have the opportunity to engage in independent study options that allow them to go into great detail in their areas of interest and strength.

·   All teachers complete a 30-Hour GT Institute within two years of hire and the district will continue to offer six-hour updates and additional staff development in gifted education.

·   GT funds provided by the state are distributed to each campus. A least 85 percent of the funds are budgeted for direct services to GT students.

·   To become more involved with the STRIVE program, persons may volunteer to serve on the STRIVE Parent Advisory Committee, be a STRIVE Campus Representative, be an After-school Enrichment volunteer,  request work to do at home, work in the classroom, or work with GT students.