Proof of Residency Guide

What are valid forms of proof of residency?
A valid form of proof of residency is one that shows:

  • the student's home address, and
  • the student's primary legal guardian or parent name, and
  • is currently dated and/or no more than 3 months old, and
  • is the entire bill, not a stub or receipt.

Examples of valid forms of proof of residency are:

  • Cable bill
  • Water bill
  • Electric bill
  • Garbage bill
  • Internet bill
  • Landline phone bill
  • RV Park bill
  • Residential lease agreement
  • Closing documents
  • Buyers contract 

Examples of Invalid forms of proof of residency are:

  • Water well bill
  • Mortgage bill
  • Property tax bill
  • Mobile phone bill

If you have any questions regarding valid forms of proof of residency, please contact the Registrar at your student's campus.