Transportation Director:
Meleia Cox

Admin. Assistant:

Tom Baxes

Admin. Assistant:

Evelyn McLeod

phone: 512-379-3250
fax: 512-515-7731

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Student Bus Safety Handbook

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LHISD Bus Route Information

Bus Registration for the 2016-2017 School Year

Liberty Hill Independent School District Transportation is excited to welcome all the new and current residents in Liberty Hill.  With our growth, we have made changes to the bus registration process.  For NEW students enrolling in Liberty Hill Independent School District you will be able to register for bus services at the same time you enroll your child for school.  If your student was enrolled in school last year and rode the bus, please update your students information in Skyward when re-enrolling your child for the current school year.

Liberty Hill Independent School District requires a parent or guardian to be at the bus stop for ALL Pre-K through 1 st grade students.  If the parent or guardian is not at the bus stop, the student will not be released and will be returned to the campus at the end of the route. 

Most areas/neighborhoods will have designated group bus stops for pick up and drop off.  Walk to stops/group stops are generally, but not limited to a half-mile walk out for students.  Group stops allow us to decrease the number of stops each bus will make on its route, thus minimizing the overall riding time for the students.  Stops are generally not placed on dead end streets due to the limited space available to safely turn the bus around.  Bus routes are created to enhance student safety while maximizing route efficiency.

Morning riders are required to be at their assigned stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.  Afternoon route drop off times can vary +/-10 minutes from projected drop off times.

Please use the link on the left menu to obtain updated Bus Route Information.  Click on the tab “Locate a Bus Stop”, enter your address to find out the bus number, your stop location and pick up and drop off times.  Please note some bus routes are divided by campus, check route schedules for each child.  If you are unable to locate your bus stop, please call the transportation office for assistance (512) 379-3250.