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Message from the Chief

Message from the Chief

Chief Sharif Mezayek


"Protecting the future is not just a clever slogan, it is our mission.  Fulfilling that mission comes with great responsibility, requiring personal qualities like dedication, honor, and a bit of patience among others.

Policing a school is not like policing a city or a county, and is not like policing in the traditional sense at all.  While our officers and I have full peace officer powers of arrest like any other officer in the state, we balance that authority with our mission statement, seeing ourselves as protectors first, mentors always, and enforcers when required.

Our website has some useful information for you and tells a bit of our story.  If you have any comments or suggestions, go to the Compliments and Complaints tab on the left side of the page and I will see to it that they are quickly addressed.

While our district is growing quickly, we still cherish the small town feel Liberty Hill is known for.  In keeping with that sense of community, please know that we love interacting with your children each and every day.  They are your life and they are the future that we have sworn to protect."

Chief Sharif Mezayek



Our Mission: 

is to maintain a shared commitment with the District and the community to protect our future by providing a safe learning environment through education, mentorship, and professional law enforcement.


Our Dept. Core Values: 

L- Leadership

H- Honor

I- Integrity

S- Selflessness

D- Dedication


D- Diligence