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    Parent Notification System

    LHISD uses the Blackboard Mass Notification system to deliver important information to parents through email, SMS text messaging, and voice messages. District and campus officials will use the service to provide timely and relevant information regarding emergencies, news, events, and activities. Please note, however, this service is not intended to replace other existing means of district and campus communication.

    The contact information provided by parents/guardians in the New Student Enrollment Packet or Returning Student Packet will automatically be used for notifications as part of the Blackboard system. Please note although the District does not charge for this service, it does not pay for text message charges that individual third-party accounts may incur for sending or receiving text messages.


    Other District Communication Platforms

    The department is committed to communicating the mission, goals, and challenges of the District and its campuses by providing accurate and timely information via several outlets, including the District's website, Superintendent Smore (community newsletter), Blackboard Communications (urgent/weather-related/crisis communication), and various social media platforms.

  • District and Campus Websites

    Liberty Hill ISD has a district homepage and home pages for every campus. Check regularly for general news, photos highlighting students, and other helpful information.

  • District and Campus Newsletters

    The Superintendent and Campus Administration use Smore (an online newsletter platform) to distribute various district and campus updates weekly or bi-weekly via email. Subscription options are available for this platform, but are not necessary.

  • Various Social Media Platforms

    Social Media allows the district and campuses to quickly post general news, pictures as they happen, and emergency information. LHISD currently uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn as their leading selected platforms.

  • LHISD Mobile App

    The district mobile app combines content from all our communication channels to provide a one-stop shop for all district-related information. Push notifications are used in emergencies. Use the app to view Top Stories, District and Campus alerts and updates, Skyward Access, District Calendars, Cafeteria Menus, Staff Directory, Athletics Information, LHISD Anonymous Tip Line, Rev Track, Student Handbook Information, and much more! 

LHISD Mobile App