What are valid forms of proof of residency?

  • A valid form of proof of residency is one that shows:

    • the student's home address, and
    • the student's primary legal guardian or parent name, and
    • is currently dated and/or no more than 3 months old.

    Examples of valid forms of proof of residency are:

    • cable/internet/wifi bill
    • water bill
    • electric bill
    • garbage and disposal bill
    • internet bill
    • landline phone bill
    • closing documents
    • *RV Park bill (or an RV rental agreement)
    • *residential lease agreement

    (*) Any short term contracts or indefinite living arrangements may be subject to a home visit.

    Examples of invalid forms of proof of residency are:

    • water well bill
    • home purchase agreement
    • builder's contract
    • mortgage bill
    • property tax bill
    • mobile phone bill
    • insurance bill
    • HOA bill or violation
    • Toll bills


    If you have any questions regarding valid forms of proof of residency, please contact the registrar at your student's campus.