What are valid forms of proof of residency?

  • **Updated 5/26/2023**

    2023-24 School Year Updated Proof of Residence

    Notice: In an effort to better streamline the process of verifying residency, we have made some updates to our registration verification process. We now only require a utility bill which includes a service address (not a P.O. box). 

    VALID Proof of residency must be: 

    • Water* 
    • Electricity*
    • Gas*
    • Trash/Garbage*
    • Cable/Internet*
    • Purchase Agreement/New Home Contract (if building a new home within the district that will be completed within the first semester in which you are registering. FDA(LOCAL)
      • If the estimated date of closing is not included in your purchase agreement/new home contract, a letter from the builder containing your name, the address of the home being built and expected date of closing will also be required.
      • Please Note: A purchase agreement/new home contract is considered to be a temporary proof of residency. When you close on your home you will be required to send a current utility bill to update your residency to student_registration@libertyhill.txed.net

    *only one of these documents is required

    Examples of INVALID forms of proof of residency are: 

    • Mortgage/Lease Documentation 
    • Water Well Bill
    • Credit Card Bill
    • Property Tax Bill or Statement
    • Mobile Phone Bill
    • Car/Medical/Fire/Homeowners Insurance Bill
    • HOA Coupons or Violation Letters
    • Toll Bills 
    • Air BnB Receipts