Section 504

  • Section 504 provides students with mild disabilities supports and accommodations during instruction to support student success by reducing the impact of the child’s disability on academic performance.

    Under 504 an impairment may include any disability, long-term illness, or various disorder that substantially reduces or lessens the student’s ability to access learning because of a learning, behavior, or health related condition.

    Many students have conditions or disorders that are not easily seen by others. They may include conditions such as specific learning disabilities, diabetes, epilepsy and allergies. Hidden disabilities such as low vision, poor hearing, heart disease or chronic illness may not be obvious, but if they substantially limit that child’s ability to receive an appropriate education as defined by Section 504, they may be considered to have an impairment under Section 504 standards. As a result, these students, regardless of their intelligence, will be unable to fully demonstrate their ability or attain educational benefits equal to that of non-disabled students.

    Anyone can refer a child for an evaluation under Section 504 including parents, teachers, doctors, or other school staff working with your child.

    If you have questions about Section 504, or would like to request an evaluation please contact the counselor at your child’s school.

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