LHISD Attendance Boundary Zones to remain unchanged for the 2022-23 school year

    Over the past few weeks, we have reviewed the demographer's enrollment projections, current campus capacities, portable needs, core facility capacities such as cafeteria, gyms, traffic, and stakeholder feedback. We have also examined how to maximize current building capacities and future portable needs. Additionally, we have studied traffic/transportation patterns and concerns. As a reminder, LHISD has grown by 23% this year, translating to 1,400 new students. Our student population is now over 7,100.

    One of our biggest challenges is accommodating student growth while waiting for elementary #6 to open. Even with adjusted attendance boundaries this year, we still could not provide the relief needed, and school enrollments would stay roughly the same.

    Based on this additional analysis, we recommended that the best course of action for the district is to make no change to our current attendance boundaries for the 2022-23 school yearThis will enable us to keep all students at their current campuses one more year before changing them. The board of trustees approved this decision last night at the school board meeting.

    We make this decision now, knowing that we will have significant changes to our attendance boundaries when we open elementary #6 in the fall of 2023 and elementary number #7 soon after. We understand that no one wants their boundaries to change, however, it is inevitable in a fast-growth district.

    The district is committed to ensuring that all our elementary campuses have highly qualified staff, quality instructional resources, classrooms, and campus environments that will support this plan/growth and maintain our culture for our students, staff, parents, and community.

    Middle school capacity is fine and the recommendation is that there is no need to move students now with a new middle school opening in two years.

Attendance Boundaries for 2022-2023