• Membership is open to parents and community members interested in having a voice in the health and learning of the students in Liberty Hill ISD. 

    This year's application form is closed.


    Council Members 2022-23

  • Cabinet

    Council Coordinator
    Michaella Ellis,
    District Lead Nurse & Health Services Coordinator

    Council Chair
    Brandon Canady, Parent

    Council Co Chair
    Tricia Richards, Parent

    Eileen Stefanich, Parent




  • District Advisors

    Rebekah Manetta, Administrative Assistant to Health Services

    Travis Motal, Director of Secondary Education

    Chandon Ford, General Manager of Child Nutrition

    Jamie Richardson, LHISD Counselor Coordinator

    Claudia Sandoval, Administrative Assistant to State & Federal Programs

    Stephanie Turek, Campus Nurse

    Pat Champion, LHISD SRO




  • Committee Members

    Noelle Vaughan, Parent

    Emily Bridge, Parent 

    Robert Jonathan Woolf, Parent  

    Megan Burk, Parent

    Cyndi Hauser, Parent

    Kelsey Toomey, Parent  

    Bella Hauser, Community Member

    Kimber Pevehouse, Parent

    Shawna Basta, Parent

    Crystal Morales, Parent

    Kim Rowan, Parent

    Stacy Lugo, Parent  

    Laura Cook, Parent

    Amanda Beard, Parent

    DeeAnn Rutherford, Parent and Business owner