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  • Address
    100 Championship Drive
    Liberty Hill, TX 78642



    Hours of Operation
    7:30am - 4:00pm (Monday - Friday)

  • The Liberty Hill ISD Technology Department strives to provide a “Clean, Consistent, Positive” experience for all students and staff. Our department is divided into three teams, Technology Operations, Digital Learning, and Data Services.  Each team works hand-in-hand with the others to provide the best technology experience possible to all students and staff.

    Technology Operations dedicates themselves to ensuring that all systems are running at peak performance. They use a forward-thinking approach to bring a blend of the best that enterprise technology has to offer with the unique needs and environment of the classroom setting. Focusing on being proactive rather than reactive allows them to limit interruptions to the learning environment so staff and students do not have to worry if their technology will cooperate.

    Digital Learning works with faculty, staff, and students to ensure everyone has the skills they need to effectively use technology. From training office staff on the use of digital planning tools to working with teams of teachers on planning engaging, technology-rich lessons, the Digital Learning team works with every group to ensure everyone has the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

    Data Services are focused on collecting, connecting, and reporting on data from the multitude of sources that the district maintains. Every system in the district has data and this teams brings it all together to ensure accurate reporting to the State and Federal agencies and provide visibility and functionality for staff, students, parents, and community.