Liberty Hill Junior High Volleyball Tryout Information

    Wednesday, August 14
    7th Grade- 7:55am-8:40am- First Day of School- Equipment Handout and General Information-  There will be no activity this day.
    8th Grade-2:45pm-5:00pm- 8th Graders will practice.  Bring shoes for running and weight room.
    Thursday, August 15
    7th Grade Volleyball Only- 6:30am-8:25am.  Students will be allowed to change and eat breakfast between 8:25-8:40.
    7th Grade Non-Volleyball-  7:55am-8:40am.  Students must eat before they come to school.
    8th Grade Volleyball-  2:45-5:00
    Thursday, August 15  
    6:00-7:00 Mandatory Volleyball Parent Meeting- Junior High Cafeteria  
    Information on tryouts, teams, practices, schedules, and expectations will be discussed. 
    Friday, August 16, Monday August 19, and Tuesday August 20 will follow the same schedule as Thursday, August 15 for players.
    Teams will be posted on Google Classroom on Tuesday, August 20 at 7:00 PM.  If you make the team then you will continue the same schedule.  If you do not make the team, then you will go to offseason which begins at 7:55am for 7th grade.  At that time you will need to plan to eat breakfast before athletics if you are a 7th grader.  If you are an 8th grader, you will go to offseason and you will workout between 2:45pm-3:30pm.