• BOND 2021 Election Results

    Proposition A: PASSED by 67%

    Proposition B PASSED by 69%

    Proposition C PASSED by 57%

    Proposition D PASSED by 51%


    Welcome to Liberty Hill ISD Bond Website

    Based on the recommendation of a Long-Range Planning Committee and to address rapid growth in the district, the Liberty Hill ISD Board of Trustees on February 8th unanimously approved an order calling for a $491.7M bond election to be held on May 1, 2021.

    If approved by voters, this bond will not increase the LHISD tax rate.



    The bond proposal will be  presented to voters in four separate propositions on the ballot. 



    This bond will be presented to voters in four separate propositions.
    Learn more about what’s included in the proposed bond package; how the bond proposal was developed; and how LHISD’s rapid growth allows the district to fund capital projects without an increase to the district’s tax rate.

  •      A              B               C              D

                    School Buildings                                  Technology For                                  Expand Stadium                                 Construction Of         

                    Infrastructure &                                  Students & Staff                                Seating At Liberty                               New High School

                    Land Acquisition                                                                                                Hill High School                                     #2 Stadium