• Construction Progress Status and Updates


    Liberty Hill Elementary 
    • Site: Site work is underway, including parking/ driving improvements. Utilities are in progress less the city tie-ins due to lack of permits.
    • Bldg.: Technology devices, furniture, etc. have been removed by district staff where construction will take place. Fencing and temporary barriers are being installed and demolition is to begin on 6/6.



    Bill Burden Elementary
    • Working to have $ to replace all carpet no later than 6/10.




    Louine Noble Elementary 
    • Site: Excavation and utility of the pond continue. Existing portables have been decommissioned and ramps/decks demoed. Portable relocations are to commence on 6/6.
    • Bldg.: Technology devices, furniture, etc. have been removed by district staff where construction will take place. The existing Library has been relocated to the existing Music Rm. Demolition is in progress and is to be completed the week of 6/6.



    Rancho Sienna Elementary 
    • To receive a design proposal from VLK on 6/6. Proposes that the cost should be less than $300k and work will be completed no later than 1/1/23 in the worst case. Realistically, it could be completed on Nov. 22. 



    Santa Rita Elementary
    • No updates at this time.



    Elementary No. 06
    • Site: Excavation of ponds in progress. Site work continues and the building pad is complete. Bldg. underground plumbing and electrical to commence on 6/6. GMP#3 is to be approved on 6/6.
    • Development Agreement: Meeting with City of Leander on 6/8 to request an expedited review and approval of Stamp Iron Dr. that DR Horton is submitting on 6/7. LHISD potentially may have to pay $350k for phasing/expediting of Stamp Iron pending the city review process.



    Liberty Hill Middle School
    • Site: Job trailer delivered. Construction fence and erosion controls are being installed. Earthwork to begin on 6/4. GMP#2 is to be approved on 6/6.



    Santa Rita M.S.
    • Site: Rock Sawing for the geothermal lines is in progress. The building pad is complete and excavation for the concrete footings and grade beams for the additions is complete. 




    Middle School No. 03
    • Design: PBK, BCGC, and LHISD continue to perform page turns as documents are being developed to reduce cost. The last reported budget to the Board was $85million. Currently tracking $72-75million. 75% of Design Development Drawings were received on 6/1 and are being reviewed by all parties. 



    High School Stadium Expansion
    • Drilling and casting piers continues on the visitor side. Ground water was encountered requiring casing of piers, which slows progress and will require additional cost. Contingency was carried in the GMP so this is not anything additional to what has been approved to date.
    • Bldg: Concept Projects to be presented at the 6/20 Board Mtg. 
Last Modified on June 9, 2022