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January 19, 2021


LHISD Office of Communication 

(512) 260-5580

Temporary School Closure

LHISD is experiencing historic temporary staffing shortages due to COVID and COVID-related illnesses.  We have seen an increase in substitutes and volunteers; however, today marks the 6th consecutive day with over 100 staff absences despite our best efforts. Our student attendance rate, which is usually 96%, is down to 82%.  Due to the continued staffing shortages and student absences, we feel it is in the best interest of our staff and students to close for the remainder of the week. 

All campuses will be closed on Thursday, January 20th, and Friday, January 21st.  Our goal in closing for two days into the weekend is to give our staff and students time to recover so that they can return to teaching and learning at an optimal capacity.

LHISD recognizes the hard work and determination of administration, teachers, staff, and volunteers to keep schools open and running, but we can see the toll it's having on both our personnel and students. Closing our campuses for the remainder of the week was not taken lightly, but it is the best opportunity to get our staff healthy and prevent COVID-19 from spreading as quickly.

All LHISD campuses will reopen and resume operations on Monday, January 24th. 

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. 


Thank you,

Superintendent Snell