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PRESS RELEASE: Principal Jonathan Bever named Director of Student Success.


May 6, 2022


LHISD Office of Communication 

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Liberty Hill High School Principal Jonathan Bever named Director of Student Success

Mr. Jonathan Bever, the current Principal of Liberty Hill High School, will change roles and be the district's new Director of Student Success. The Director of Student Success will be in charge of developing and overseeing an educational program for students who are in danger of not graduating in a traditional high school setting. The Director of Student Success will also be responsible for College and Career & Military Readiness and Dropout Prevention for LHISD.

Mr. Bever received his Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Exercise Sports Science from Southwest Texas State University, and a Master’s in Education from Tarleton State University in Educational Leadership. Mr. Bever joined Liberty Hill Independent School District as an Assistant Principal in 2015. Now having more than 15 years of administrative experience and over 28 years in education, Bever continues to strive for success. 

“This is a position that aligns deeply with what I believe and is a great forward step in my career that is built on a passion for learning and loving students,” said Bever. “I am excited to work collaboratively with everyone to create a program of excellence. My aim to reach ALL children is a goal shared by the whole district, and we achieve that at Liberty Hill ISD through building Champions. I am grateful for this opportunity along with Superintendent Snells’ and the Board of Trustees' confidence in me to lead this new program that will have a significant impact on the lives of so many students in our community.” Bever is eager to begin constructing a program that will provide the resources necessary for all students to succeed.

Mr. Bever will begin his new role as Director of Student Success on July 1. Bever and his wife Debra are the proud parents of a blended family of seven children and reside in the Liberty Hill School District. When home and work needs are met, Mr. Bever loves spending time with his wife and children, serving their church, and cattle ranching. 

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