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2019 Liberty Hill ISD Teachers of the Year

The Liberty Hill ISD 2019 "Teachers of the Year" are Stephanie Blay (elementary school) and Stephanie Watson (secondary school).

The District recognizes and honors excellence brought by educators each day in their classrooms.  Each campus "Teacher of the Year" was elected by their peers and administration in recognition for their outstanding contribution in the classroom and throughout the campus learning community.

Well done and congratulations!

(Photo from left to right: Superintendent Steve Snell, board members Anthony Buck and Kathy Major, Stephanie Blay (holding flowers), board members Megan Parsons, David Nix, and Clay Cole).

(Elementary school Teacher of the Year Stephanie Blay (holding flowers)). 


(Photo from left to right: board members Anthony Buck, Kathy Major, Megan Parsons, and David Nix, Stephanie Watson (holding flowers), board member Clay Cole, and Superintendent Steve Snell).

(Secondary school Teacher of the Year Stephanie Watson (holding flowers)).