I need to make a change from a bus rider to a car rider or vice versa:

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An email needs to be submitted on the same day as the transportation change request and by 1:00 pm. DO NOT submit an email after 1:00 pm, it will not be processed.

Please include your child’s full name, grade level, homeroom teacher, current bus number (if you know it), requested change, and any other pertinent information. We will only bus to the address recorded on the student's transportation file. If you need to change that address, please email us your request. Requests will take 5 days to process (read below for more details).

You will receive a confirmation email when the request has been received. Please ensure receipt of this email to validate that your request has been processed.

Notes, phone calls, text messages, and emails sent to any other party other than the transportation email indicated above, will NOT be accepted.

DO NOT submit an email after that time, it will not be processed by the campus.