Why will it take five days to make a change?

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The safety of our students is our number one priority.  Once a request is made to change the permanent destination, the transportation department has several verification steps to ensure this request can be approved.  For example:  Is the destination in the district?  Is the destination in the student’s attendance zone?  Do we currently service this area?  Is there available seating on the bus?  Will the change significantly alter current route times?  Will letters need to be mailed out to reflect the change to inform parents/student?  To ensure our team has the time to process the request accurately, we are requiring five days.

Bill Burden Elementary School – BBEStransportationchanges@libertyhill.txed.net
Liberty Hill Elementary School – LHEStransportationchanges@libertyhill.txed.net
Rancho Sienna Elementary School – RSEStransportationchanges@libertyhill.txed.net
Liberty Hill Intermediate School – LHIStransportationchanges@libertyhill.txed.net
Liberty Hill Junior High School – JHtransportationchanges@libertyhill.txed.net
Liberty Hill High School – HStransportationchanges@libertyhill.txed.net

We encourage you to read the Transportation FAQ page for additional information.