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Employee Benefits

Benefits and Insurance

Liberty Hill ISD offers a choice of health insurance plans and dental care plans. Employees may also choose vision, disability insurance, life insurance, and other supplemental insurance benefits as well as cafeteria plan payroll deductions. All employees contribute to the Texas Teachers Retirement System (TRS). They may also contribute to a personal retirement account such as a 403(b) or 457.  

New hires have 30 days from the date of their hire to choose their benefits coverage on Benefits HUB. Regular employees may elect to change their medical and supplemental coverage during the district's annual open enrollment periods each year on Benefits HUB. If you have a qualifying life event during the plan year you have 30 days to make changes to your benefits by notifying the Benefits Coordinator, Lisa Garner at 512-260-5580 or 


The benefits you choose will remain in effect throughout the plan year (from September 1 - August 31). You may only add or cancel coverage during the year if you have a qualifying change in family or employment status that causes you to gain or lose eligibility for benefits. Employees have 31 days after a qualifying event to make changes based on that event. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the employer of such changes and to complete the proper paperwork. 

Qualifying changes may include: 

• A change in your legal marital status 

• A change in your number of dependents as a result of birth, adoption, legal custody, or if your dependent child satisfies or ceases to satisfy eligibility requirements for coverage, or the death of a dependent child or spouse 

• A change in employment status for you or your spouse 

• Loss or gain of eligibility for other insurance (including CHIP & Medicaid—60-day notification deadline) 

2023-2024 Benefits Guide 

2023-2024 Benefits Quick Guide  

2023-2024 TRS-Active Care Region 13 Benefits Summary 

For more information about Liberty Hill ISD benefits, contact Lisa Garner, Benefits Coordinator at 512-260-5580 or  






  • To retrieve a new/temporary insurance card from your desired insurance plan, please contact the insurance provider or log onto their website. Provider information can be found on page 2 of the Benefits Guide.

  • To locate a doctor or facility within network, please contact the insurance provider or log onto their website. Provider information can be found on page 2 of the Benefits Guide.

  • If you recently experienced a qualifying life event of marriage, divorce, the death of a spouse or dependent, birth or adoption of a child, termination/commencement of spouse or dependent’s employment, termination of benefits, etc. You have 30 days from the event date to make any changes to your benefit elections.

    To begin the process, email  

  • Log into the Benefits HUB to find your personal benefits information.

    While in the HUB you can access:

    • Your monthly benefit expenses
    • Review/update your beneficiaries
    • Review/update your dependents
    • Your coverage tier (employee only, employee+child(ren), etc)
    • Plans you are enrolled in - dental, medical, etc. 

    * Because qualifying life events are regulated by the IRS, we cannot allow employees to add/drop dependents from medical coverage options on the Benefits website without completing the qualifying life event paperwork.  Please contact Lisa Garner in our Benefits Office for assistance @ 512-260-5580 or

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