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Liberty Hill ISD Substitute Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to equip you with essential updates, resources, and support to help you excel in your vital role. Thank you for your commitment to our students' success and for being an indispensable part of our learning community.

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  • An email from Identity Automation will be sent to you with instructions on how to access your LHISD email and PantherNet. If you can not find that email, please reach out to the HR department at

  • Everyone joining our team will receive an email from IdentoGO with easy-to-follow instructions and details for scheduling your fingerprinting appointment.

    Can't find the email? No worries! Click this link to contact the TEA help desk and request a resend.

    Please note that while LHISD does not cover the cost of fingerprinting, this process is a valuable part of joining our team and contributing to our safe, welcoming environment.


    Yes, it's possible! We understand that everyone has different availability, and we're grateful for any time you can offer. If you're interested in a full-day job but can only commit to half a day, please give the campus a call. They'll work with you to accommodate your schedule. We believe having support for half the day is better than none, and we value your willingness to contribute to our team.


    If you need to cancel a job you've accepted, please sign into your Frontline account to cancel it directly there. However, if the job start date is approaching and you find that cancellation through Frontline is not possible, it's important to contact the campus directly for assistance. You can find the necessary phone numbers either on the Substitute Job Information page within the HR section or on the individual campus websites. We understand that plans can change, and we appreciate your proactive communication in these situations.

  • Log into your Frontline account. Under phone credentials you will see the phone number associated with the account and your pin.

    Screenshot of how to change your pin on Frontline

    Log into your Frontline account. Under phone credentials, click the Turnoffcalling button. 

    Screenshot of Frontline with turnoffcalling highlighted

  • For inquiries related to post-retirement employment, please consult directly with the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). They're best equipped to provide guidance and information specific to your situation.

  • ESLE (Early Structured Learning Environment): This is a service designed for students ages 3–5 years old. The program can work on: 

    • communication/language skills

    • cognitive/pre‐academic skills

    • fine/gross motor skills

    • self‐help and social/emotional skills

    Resource provides Special Education and  services in a setting other than the General Education classroom with a member of the Special Education department

    Inclusion Support is a service that provides Special Education support in the General Education classroom. Inclusion Support is individually determined with a focus on student independence, fading reliance on adults over time. 

    RISE (Reaching Independence through a Structured Environment) is a service that focuses on academic and developmentally appropriate functional skills. This service addresses skills through intensive, hands-on learning and the use of researched-based strategies to meet the needs of individual students. Instruction is delivered with a low staff-to-student ratio. Opportunities for teaching the generalization of skills in other settings and environments are available.

    BEST (Building Essential Skills Together) This service provides targeted social and behavioral instruction with opportunities for teaching/facilitating the generalization of skills into other environments. Individualized environmental accommodations and structure are provided throughout the school day.