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Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank


Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank

The District shall establish a sick leave bank that employees may join through contribution of state personal leave.

For purposes of the sick leave bank, immediate family shall be defined as spouse and son or daughter, including a biological, adopted, or foster child, a stepchild, a legal ward, or a child for whom the employee stands in loco parentis.

Leave contributed to the bank shall be solely for the use of participating employees. An employee who is a member of the bank may request leave from the bank if the employee or a member of the employee's immediate family experiences a catastrophic illness or injury and the employee has exhausted all paid leave.

If the employee is unable to request leave from the sick leave bank, a member of the employee's family or the employee's supervisor may submit the request.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop regulations for the operation of the sick leave bank that address the following:

  1. Membership in the sick leave bank, including the number of days an employee must contribute to become a member;
  2. Procedures to request leave from the sick leave bank;
  3. The maximum number of days per school year a member employee may receive from the sick leave bank;
  4. The committee or administrator authorized to consider requests for leave from the sick leave bank and criteria for granting requests; and
  5. Other procedures deemed necessary for the operation of the sick leave bank.


An employee may appeal a decision regarding the sick leave bank in accordance with DGBA(LOCAL), beginning with the Superintendent or designee.

Catastrophic Sick Leave Request Form

Catastrophic Sick Leave Medical Certification