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New Student Enrollment

2024-25 School Year New Student Enrollment

Brand new to Liberty Hill ISD? Register for the 2024-25 school year here

Already have a student in Liberty Hill ISD and wish to register a new student (i.e. PreK or Kindergarten)? Register your new student by logging into your Family Access Center. 

Pre-Kindergarten Student Registration (one-step process)

will be completed through the links mentioned above. There will be no need for a two-step process in when registering for the 2024-25 school year. Liberty Hill ISD will host PreK at the following locations beginning in August 2024. 

School Student is Zoned for   Location of PreK Community
 Santa Rital Elementary  Santa Rita Elementary
 Tierra Rosa Elementary  Santa Rita Elementary
 Bar W Elementary  Bar W Elementary
 Rancho Sienna Elementary  Bar W Elementary
 Louine Noble Elementary  Louine Noble Elementary
 Bill Burden Elementary  Louine Noble Elementary
 Liberty Hill Elementary  Liberty Hill Elementary

SRE Enrollment is nearing Capacity | Adjusted School Zone Boundaries for New Enrollment.

Effective as of Tuesday, August 22, 2023, Santa Rita Elementary has reached its enrollment capacity. LHISD administration has approved closing enrollment for families living west of Ronald Reagan Blvd due to limited classroom space. Current vacancies will remain for families in the Santa Rita neighborhood east of Ronald Reagan Blvd within walking distance. Pending enrollees have until August 25, 2023, to register; after, they'll be placed in Bar W Elementary. Attendance zones are adjusted accordingly. Future boundary reviews for the 2024-25 year will occur in spring 2024. This decision ensures optimal learning environments and resource allocation.

View the SRE Attendance Boundary Changes Here

Skyward Family Access

Important Message for Parents with Existing Skyward Family Access AccountsFamily Access

If you already have an existing Skyward Family Access account (i.e. you have another student who is currently enrolled in Liberty Hill ISD) and you are registering a brand new student, please log in to family access with your existing username and password and click the option titled “New Student Enrollment”. This allows Skyward to connect your new student with your student already attending Liberty Hill.  

Please note: you will not see your new student in your family access account until all documentation has been submitted and the application has been approved by the registrar.


    • Valid government-issued photo identification of parent/guardian(s) or photo ID of the person registering if not the parent/guardian
    • Student birth certificate (Student must be 5 by Sept 1st to start Kindergarten - TEA Webpage)
    • Complete Immunization Record signed by a licensed physician (State of Texas Immunization Requirements)
    • Current proof of residency (click here to view acceptable forms of proof of residency
    • Student Social Security Card
    • Most recent report card/transcript
    • Legal documentation (if applicable) (custody agreement/personal protective order, etc)
    • Pre-Kindergarten ONLY: Program Eligibility Required (please see requirements linked here)

    *Documentation can be uploaded during the registration process.  Please make sure all documents are available and ready to upload to expedite the registration process.

  • Have a new student who has been receiving special education services in your previous district?  Please visit this link for additional information.

    New Student Enrollment FAQ's

    New Student Enrollment Support

    Need Help?

    Click Here for Step-By-Step Instructions

  • If you are trying to register a new student to attend Liberty Hill ISD and do not have access to a computer or a smart phone, please call 512-260-5580.