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Children learn to read at different paces, and it’s expected for them to struggle at some point while learning to read. However, if your child seems particularly frustrated with reading and writing over an extended period of time, there is a chance he or she may have a learning disorder called dyslexia.

Children with dyslexia struggle to match letters and sounds together when reading, making it hard to recognize words, remember words, to read, to write, or to spell.

If you have questions about dyslexia, or would like to request an evaluation, please contact your child's teacher or the campus staff member listed below at your child’s school to begin the referral process.

Additional information regarding changes to the Dyslexia Handbook can be found in multiple sources.  Below are links to the TEA webpage and the 2021 updated Dyslexia Handbook.  The following linked document provided by TEA gives a summary of the changes.  

Additional information regarding dyslexia identification can be found on the TEA webpage - Resources on Special Education in Texas and Dyslexia and Related Disorders.

Any questions regarding Dyslexia services in Liberty Hill ISD, please contact Kristine Doten.

Phone: (512) 260- 5590, Email: