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Foreign Exchange Program


The application window for the 2024-25 school year is now closed. All applications submitted will be reviewed, and agencies will be notified no later than the second week of April if the student has been accepted or denied. 

LHISD Foreign Exchange Program

It is the goal of Liberty Hill Independent School District (LHISD) to provide international students from diverse cultures, who are approved for enrollment, the opportunity to experience the rewards of participating in quality educational programs, to meet and interact with students with a variety of interests, and to become more fluent in both written and spoken English. It is recommended that students have a proficient level of English writing and language skills to have a more enjoyable exchange student experience. 

Due to rapid growth in the area, the District has applied for and been granted a waiver from the Texas Education Agency to limit the number of foreign exchange students at any high school to a maximum of
five students per year. If a foreign exchange student is returned to his/her country or is moved to another district, no new foreign exchange student will replace the student withdrawn.

Application Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to assist nationally recognized foreign exchange organizations, foreign exchange students, and host families regarding the requirements and expectations for application, acceptance, and participation as a Foreign Exchange Student in Liberty Hill ISD.

The application window will open on February 1st and close on March 31st. Once all completed applications are submitted to the Liberty Hill ISD Administration Office, the applications will be reviewed and five will be selected based on first come, first serve basis. If all five spots are filled prior to the March 31st closing window, Liberty Hill ISD will close the application process.  All Agencies will be notified no later than the second week of April if the student has been accepted or denied.  

Representatives of foreign exchange organizations are encouraged to contact Liberty Hill central office regarding questions about the application process, identification of the potential host family’s attendance zone, or any other issues pertaining to the foreign exchange program. Representatives of foreign exchange organizations should not make contact with individual campuses prior to approval by the District’s Foreign Exchange Administrator.  If you have additional questions, please contact Sarina Johnson (512) 260-5560 ext. 1035 or email

Requirements and Terms for Approval of Foreign Exchange Students

Liberty Hill ISD will accept up to five Foreign Exchange Students per year, dependent on the Agency and Student completing the requirements listed below:

  1. All foreign exchange organizations shall meet the requirements of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET). The District will consider foreign exchange students from agencies listed in the most current issue of The Advisory List published by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET). Programs in violation of District guidelines may be excluded from consideration.
  2. Application forms and all required documentation must be received by March 31st, by the close of the business day. 
  3. The host family must reside in Liberty Hill Independent School District.  A foreign exchange student will be withdrawn immediately if the host falsified information regarding their home address.
  4. Liberty Hill ISD will determine the school placement for which the student will attend, and the host family may be responsible for student transportation to and from school.
  5. The foreign exchange agency/student is responsible for providing an English translation of the following documents:
    1. An immunization report that includes the month/date/year of all required immunizations. See list of immunizations required here
    2. An official transcript or school record
    3. Application for admission
  6. Once an exchange student is approved to attend Liberty Hill ISD, the host family is responsible for registering the exchange student at the school for which the student will attend. A representative from a foreign exchange organization may not enroll the student. Host family, please click here for school enrollment information.
    1. Secondary students will also need to complete the course selection process separate from the enrollment process.
  7. Foreign exchange students are accepted for one school year and will not be approved for a single semester. Students are expected to participate in the full school day. 
  8. Foreign exchange students are subject to Liberty Hill ISD attendance policies. Attendance laws require districts to enforce the 90 percent rule, which states that students must attend class for 90 percent of the time the class is offered to receive a final grade or credit. The 90 percent rule applies to ALL absences, including excused absences not exempted by the law.
  9. Foreign exchange students are subject to Liberty Hill ISD disciplinary policies as outlined in the Liberty Hill ISD Handbook and Code of Conduct found here.
  10. Prior to registering in Liberty Hill ISD, a foreign exchange student’s records will be evaluated to determine student grade level and courses. 
    1. For a high school student, courses taken prior to enrolling in Liberty Hill ISD will not be recorded on the LHISD transcript. Students who successfully complete LHISD high school courses and applicable End-of-Course exams will receive an LHISD transcript reflecting credits earned and EOC Mastery level at the end of the school year. 
  11. Foreign exchange students are expected to participate fully in their classes, including taking tests and state assessments for the grade level in which the student is placed. If a foreign exchange student is an eligible English Language Learner (ELL), and is required to take the STAAR English I assessment, special provisions under the Texas Administrative Code at 101.1007 apply. 
  12. Students wishing to participate in UIL activities must meet UIL Guidelines. Coaches and sponsors of extracurricular activities will obtain and evaluate the students' credentials to determine a foreign exchange student’s eligibility for participation in an UIL activity. Students participating in sports activities are required to have a physical that must meet District guidelines. Please click here for the required Physical Form and information.

**Please note, any cost for student records required by the foreign exchange organization or home country is the responsibility of the foreign exchange student.