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  • An HR specialist will reach out via email. You will receive a welcome email and forms from Frontline. Please follow the instructions on the welcome email. If you do not receive an email, please reach out to the HR Department,

  • If you need fingerprints, you will receive an email from Identogo. This email will contain instructions and appointment locations/times. If you think you should have already received the email but can't find it, use this link for TEA to put in a help desk ticket and ask them to resend you the email. 

    LHISD does NOT cover the cost of fingerprinting, these can be used across multiple districts.

  • An email from Identity Automation will be sent to you with instructions on how to access your LHISD email and PantherNet. If you can not find that email, please reach out to the HR department at

  • We would still love to have you! Please call the campus and they will work with you. A campus would rather have 1/2 day covered than none at all. 

  • Log into your Frontline account and cancel the job. If it is too close to the job start date, then you won't be able to cancel it. You will need to call the campus. Campus phone numbers can be found on the Substitute Job Information page under HR or on the campus websites. 

  • Log into your Frontline account. Under phone credentials you will see the phone number associated with the account and your pin.

    Screenshot of how to change your pin on Frontline

    Log into your Frontline account. Under phone credentials, click the Turnoffcalling button. 

    Screenshot of Frontline with turnoffcalling highlighted

  • Any questions regarding working after retirement need to be addressed through TRS