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A La Carte

Did You Know:  All food and beverages sold in the District's cafeterias are Smart Snack Approved.

Smart Snacks Standards are a Federal requirement for all food sold outside the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.  Snacks must meet nutrient standards for calories, sodium, sugar, and fat.

Ala Carte items such as extra milk, ice cream, and snacks may be purchased if the student has a positive account balance.

Visit the Texas Department of Agriculture website for more information and guidelines for approved snacks.

If you would like to set a daily Ala Carte limit for your student, please log into Skyward Family Access:

  1. Click Food Service (left side of page),
  2. Click Set Purchase Limit (right side of page) and enter dollar amount,
  3. You can also select Do Not Allow Purchase – Please be advised by selecting this your student will not be allowed to purchase anything beyond a reimbursable meal.